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Debt Advisory

Herter & Co. Debt Advisory encompasses the whole range of corporate debt financing as well as individual solutions.

Herter & Co. advises on raising debt capital across the entire product range and for various occasions, supporting you along all process steps:

    • process organization and execution
    • coordination with lawyers and other consultants
    • identification of suitable lenders
    • preparation of quotation requests to lenders (“RFPs”)
    • business valuation
    • pre-negotiation of terms before the selection of banks
    • comparison and analysis of financing offerings for decision-making purposes
    • term sheet negotiations with lawyers
    • background negotiations with individual financiers
    • co-negotiation of the documentation
    • coordination of all admin related paperwork (KYC process, account openings, etc.)
    • Closing / funding of the transaction

Corporate / Management

Typically, we advise corporates on:

  • syndicated loans
  • bank, bond, debt fund, alternative and structured financings
  • promissory note loans
  • overdraft facilities
  • factoring, leasing, and other off-balance-sheet financing
  • derivative financial instruments

In preparation of finding the optimal structure and instruments, we proactively analyze the company’s numbers, current financing structure and metrics which correspond to a typical internal credit rating of a financier. All these factors have an impact on the outcome of recommendations.

Financial Investors / Private Equity / Family Offices

Typically, we advise financial investors on:

  • LBOs, acquisition financings
  • refinancings
  • leveraged recapitalisations
  • extension of maturities, investment, or dividend financing
  • guarantee lines
  • factoring, leasing, and other off-balance-sheet financing
  • complex contract or covenant changes