Company and Management

If a company is no longer able to serve its financial obligations or cannot secure a refinancing on the market, a financial restructuring may become necessary.

Stakeholders typically follow very different agendas during such a crisis, as owners, management, employees, banks and others pursue diverging interests. The organization of such a multi-lateral process and the achievement of a solution acceptable to all parties required is a complex undertaking, which often is burdened by the mistrust of the parties.
Herter & Co. supports the organization of the process and in particular the negotiations with the debt providers of the company. The long-standing contacts of the Herter & Co. Team to all major work-out teams of banks in Germany and to London-based debt investors help in this regard.

However, communication only is not sufficient. A financial concept has to be developed and negotiated with the parties on the basis of a robust business plan. This entails the consideration of the legal positions of the constituents, the valuation of the company and its debt capacity, the choice of the best financial instruments and the creation of an acceptable financial structure. These points and the raising of new cash (if applicable) are covered by Herter & Co.
The successful work in executed landmark transactions of the Team of Herter & Co. in this field will help the company to overcome this difficult phase.