Debt Advisory

The financing environment has changed significantly since the financial crisis, in particular for large companies. As competition between the banks has decreased significantly large financings today are usually provided in banking clubs. Very often important terms become de facto non-negotiable once banks have found together. Furthermore, the overall number of financing banks has been reduced significantly, and alternative financing instruments like Bonds, Schuldscheindarlehen, Private Loans and Subordinated Capital have gained ground.

The decision of a company on a new financing has significant impact: A 5-year loan of e.g. EUR 250m with a margin of 1% and a fee of 1% is a EUR 15,000,000 decision. The terms agreed with the financiers determine the financial flexibility of the company for the next years.

Herter & Co supports enterprises on the choice of the optimal financing instruments and providers independent of any bank interests, and supports them during the organization of processes as well as the negotiation of commercial terms / documents until funding of a transaction. The clients of Herter & Co. hereby profit from long-lasting experience, from strong relationship with all relevant market players as well as in-depth knowledge of the current market environment and market practices.